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Picking the Right Agent to Manage your Property

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 12:32 pm

The majority of landlords will use an agent to manage their property. This is a good decision for busy business people – it ensures you have more time to work on other projects and your property will generate an income with very little input from you. It’s all about picking the right agent though, as they won’t all have a good reputation or be reliable.

Spend lots of time finding out what the agent can offer you before you give them the contract. Ask them in great detail about all their fees, making sure there aren’t any hidden costs. Find out exactly what they are going to be doing for you.

Carry out inspections every now and again to check the agents have been doing their job properly. Look for signs of damage that they might not have reported to you and check that the property is still in good condition.

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Should you Buy a Property to Rent Out?

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 2:59 pm

The buy to let market is booming and this could provide an excellent opportunity for people wanting to purchase a property and make some money. This is largely due to the rental market being so strong, as people are turning to renting rather than buying. If you have enough money to put down a good deposit on a flat or a house, you are in a very strong financial position.

Buying to let has a lot of benefits for you. It will make you money immediately and as long as the property is decent, it should be very easy for you to find tenants. The rent you can charge will all depend on the area but as a general rule, it should cover your mortgage repayments and make you a decent profit as well.

Bear in mind that renting a property out takes a lot of work. There are lots of regulations to meet and every time something goes wrong, it will be your sole responsibility.

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Property Management – Watch out for con-men in this industry

Posted on September 28, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Independent property management companies are a complete con. There are organisations out there which will charge an extortionate fee for practically doing nothing. How do you know when you’re being ripped off?

Well, when you see administration fee’s to be the majority of the cost for your estate, you have to wonder; what administration is taking so long to manage an estate? You have to realise that these companies are a complete rip off and there are only a select few who will truly provide a level of service that meets/exceeds your expectation of truly giving you the best return.

An estate charge which continually goes up and up illustrates really that the company is a complete con, especially if the directors of that company have owned a large amount of estate management companies in the past, you’ll know that they really can’t be trusted to their full extent.

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How An Estate Agent Can Help

Posted on March 30, 2015 at 2:13 pm

Whether you are buying a new property or looking to sell, Estate Agents can offer a host of services that can help to take the stress off of a large life investment.

Estate Agents can help by applying their general knowledge of selling homes to your personal housing enquiries. Estate Agents usually have a great deal of local knowledge. Their job is to sell properties and they’ve probably already sold a property similar to yours, in the same area too.

Estate Agents often work closely with landlords. A landlord can opt to sell a portion of their property to an Estate Agent. In exchange the Estate Agent can then handle the job of looking for new tenants and maintaining the property.

Estate Agents can offer advice on mortgages as well. Financing a home is a big undertaking. Estate Agents understand this and can offer tips and knowledge on planning your finances.



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Pay for a House Survey Before You Buy it

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 3:50 pm

Whether your planning on developing a building or just living in it, it is essential that you pay for a survey before you buy it. The risks of there being an unforeseen problem with the building may be relatively low, but what you’re risking is a massive investment which could well be in jeopardy.

Surveys of homes can be expensive, but it will give you a heads up on any issues with the building in question, and give you greater bargaining power should you find anything and wish to go ahead with the acquisition.

Surveys can study a number of areas in a property, such as; the effectiveness of the insulation, whether there are any leaks, and if the building is still structurally sound. These can all have a massive effect on the value of the property, and can help you decide on whether or not the building is worth its evaluation.

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