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Budgeting for a House Renovation Project

Posted on September 18, 2016 at 8:07 pm

You should know how much it would cost to do up a home before committing to any major expense. TV makeover programmes might leave the impression that jobs can be done quickly and cheaply.  Watch out! One of the problems we’ve found is that people generally have little understanding of the cost of things.

A “new kitchen” is a good example for showing how figures can be deceptive.  A showroom will tell you the price of the “kitchen”;  but they won’t know your total cost – the building work, the plumbing, the joinery, the electrics, the decoration, the flooring and so on.  You might get excited by the prospect of a £10k kitchen, only to realise that it will cost another £15k to install it as you would really like.  We have maintained a large database of real costs from our renovations over the years from a variety of suppliers and contractors to give a good range of total costs for typical tasks. We hope this helps you to set a realistic budget for your project from start to finish.

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