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How To Detect Household Leaks

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 5:11 pm

Water is life but it is also one of the worst enemies of a structure, especially if it is made of materials susceptible to water caused damages. Thus leak detection is important for the overall longevity of any premises. Problem is it isn’t always easy to find the source of the leak that makes way for extensive and permanent damages to the building. Keep on reading to find out how you can detect leaks that we most likely to incur.

Detecting Leak(s) by Metre Reading

First thing you need to know is whether the leak is inside or outside the house. Even though this process is a bit complicated, doing it yourself for the plumber will save you money. First, locate and close the shut-off valve to the house. Next, check the meter head to see if the dial is still spinning. If it is not then the leak is obviously inside the house. If it is then the leak is somewhere between the valve and the meter, unless the valve itself is leaking. Either way, look for signs of leak(s) like muddy soil and/or greener grass. You can detect a leaking valve by pressing your ear to it and if there is a hissing sound then it is obviously leaking. (more…)

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