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Student House Hunting

Posted on August 22, 2014 at 5:32 pm

When you start university or college and you’ve moved away from home, one of the first tasks you’re given is to find a new home. You may decide to take the easy option and join the university ‘halls’ but these spaces fill up quickly and the next thing you’ll need to look out for is a house share.

This can be rather strange because you don’t have any idea who you’re going to live with; they may become your best friend or your arch enemy but either way it’s a chance that you have to take. The best place to look for a house share is online, on property websites, social media accounts or at your university.

Posters are often put up on walls to advertise vacancies and it’s usually a case of first come first serve. Act fast if you’re joining university soon because house hunting can be rather nerve-racking and stressful.

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